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Round 1 - Gustafsson with an early low kick. Jones kicks the elg, and Gustafsson looks to counter up top. Gustafsson moving well early. Spinning kick to the body for Jones. He pushes in for a takedown, but it's not there. Jones kicks the body. Another spinning kick. Jones continues to kick the thigh. Left hand just misses the chin. Low kicks traded. Jones kicking frequently to open. Gustafsson trying to counter with his hands. Gustafsson must misses with a big right as they trade. Jones patient, but Gustafsson sneaks in a left. Gustafsson the busier fighter right now. Jones holding the center. He misses a high kick. Gustafsson counters low kicks again. Jones has a cut by the right eye. Gustafsson gets in with a takedown in the final minute. Jones turns to his knees and gets back up. Gustafsson complains of an eyepoke on the restart. Replays show he's right, and McCarthy talks to Jones. Jones picks up the pace on the restart. Great first round, and gives the first to Gustafsson, 10-9.

Round 2 - Corner removes a little extra vaseline from Jones' eye before we start, and the building is electric. Jones again looking to chop the leg. Gustafsson catches a kick and sweeps Jones. Jones gets back up and runs after Gustafsson but can't catch him. Jones in for a takedown, but Gustafsson shrugs him off. Jones getting all he can handle early on. He moves in and lands a stiff left. Gustafsson still moving well, and he walks through a knee to land a left hand. Jones in the center. He's still relying on his kicks very heavily. They trade shots in the center. Jones scores with a few spinning kicks. A high kick scores flush for the champ. Gustafsson tries to shoot in but comes up short. Gustafsson still busy with his hands. Jones with another spinning kick. He misses on a big right hand. Gustafsson catches a kick, and they scramble, but both stay upright. Final minute. Gustafsson kicks the body, and Jones does the same. Jones with a stiff jab. Jones with another high kick. Gustafsson with a right hand. Round ends, and it's another good one. leans toward Jones, 10-9.

Round 3 - Great fight thus far. Gustafsson working a jab early. Jones kicks the leg. He moves in, but Gustafsson peppers him with punches inside. Low kicks traded. Jones just misses a spinning back kick. He lands a knee inside before Gustafsson retreats. Jones still chopping at the lead leg. He just misses another high kick. Gustafsson still moving well, but Jones is starting to be the busier fighter. Gustafsson does start to open up with the hands again, and he scores with two straight punches. Jones misses an axe kick but follows with a straight. He holds the center. He kicks the body. Gustafsson stunned a bit. He's still strong, but the bodywork adding up. Gustafsson shoots in, but Jones stands him up. Gustafsson catches a low kick but misses the sweep. He comes back and kicks the body. Jones just misses a spinning elbow. Gustafsson tries to take him down to no avail. Jones with a jab at the end. Another good round, but leans toward Jones, 10-9.

Round 4 - Championship rounds underway. Close rounds throughout to open. Jones with a sharp left to start. Gustafsson looks fine with the pace he's set so far. Right hand for Jones. Gustafsson has a leg but can't finish. Gustafsson with a right hand. Jones with a jab, and he moves away. Gustafsson presses forward and lands his own. Jones kicks the leg. Jabs traded. Jones short on a takedown, and he just misses a knee on the exit. Left hand for Gustafsson. He kicks the body and lands a left, then a right. Those score well, and Jones' left eye is bloodied up. Gustafsson confident, and he lands a right hand. Jones trying to hold him away, but Gustafsson won't have it. Another right scores. Jones can't get the takedown. He does land a high kick. Short elbow for Jones. He misses a second one. Jones takes a look at the clock. He lands an elbow and several knees. Gustafsson in trouble. Jones giving chase. Elbows inside for Jones. Brutal work. Leaping knee. Amazing round. think Jones stole it late, 10-9.

Round 5 - Crowd on their feet to start the final round. Amazing fight. Gustafsson has recovered well, and he's looking to box. Jones kicks the body. Jones pushes in, but Gustafsson peppers him with short punches inside. Jones with more elbows to the chin. Gustafsson drives in a leg but can't get the takedown. Gustafsson goes to the body, and Jones answers. Jones drops low for a takedown. Gustafsson defends, but Jones pulls him down. Gustafsson scoots to the fence and gets to his feet. High kick scores for Jones. Gustafsson stands right there. Gustafsson looks down. He's running out of gas after an incredible performance. Another high kick for Jones. Gustafsson defends a takedown. Gustafsson scores with a spinning elbow. Gustafsson with a flurry inside. Final minute. Crowd n their feet. Jones with a left hand. He looks up at the clock. Gustafsson wants a takedown but can't get it. High kick fro Jones. Short elbow. Flying knee to close. Amazing finish. scores the final round for Jones, 10-9, and gives him the fight 49-46. Better fight than that scores suggests. Challenger was unbelievable and provided an instant classic.

Result: Champ Jon Jones def. Alexander Gustafsson via unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 49-46)

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