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Originally Posted by southpaw447
Roy Jones Jr was considered the best p4p boxer of his time and possibly of all time. He dominated almost every fighter out there. His only loss during his prime came from a DQ against Montel Griffin for landing 2 shot after Griffin was already on the canvas. He quickly came back 4 monthes later and reclaimed his belt via first round KO.

The reason people say his style is not teacheable is becuase he usally doens't have to set up anything with a jab and can throw power puches at lightning speeds, i saw one of his fight where he threw 4 left hooks in a row in less than second.

His recent losses came from Jermain Taylor twice and Gelcoffe Johnson.

His recent win was against Prince Badi Amaju

He's a bit past his prime but back in the day he was the SHIT!!! Me and my dad would watch all of his fights. I don't think he's completely retired but I think talks are going on for another fight.

He aslo has a couple Rap albums out and they're not bad either!!

These are some great highlights of his fights

YouTube - Roy Jones Jr. - The Unstoppable
YouTube - Roy Jones Jr. Highlight/Tribute Video
pretty good explanation but i dont think n e one considers roy jones to be among the best p4p of all time. i saw a list recently where he didnt make the top 50 all time. which to be honest is not fair but there is no way he was best ever.

i dont think you can learn to fight like roy jones.. you can learn to box.. how you express yourself when you're boxing will be unique.. u should never try to copy someone in fighting imo. especially roy jones.. that cat has more natural ability in his little finger than most people are blessed with in their entire bodies.

as to the question.. boxing will be great for you.. not just for learning to throw a punch.. but like that other dude said.. how to avoid a punch.. and even.. how to take a punch.
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