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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post

It is impressive in what he did to Fitch. But what I am talking about is to sell the thought that GSP has a real challenger, they are going to need a sub. Obviously Maia is a top notch BJJ players and if he can't sub GSP no one can (besides Matt Hughes). I'd love to see Maia vs. GSP should he sub or decision Shields. But a submission win here would really make it a big time fight. Grappling a slippery, athletic, wrestler like GSP is different than Fitch or Shields.

That is why I say it is odd that they matched these 2 up. Shields doens't have a lot of momentum as most believe he has failed to look as good as people expected in teh UFC. And a guy with his skillset, doesn't leave much openings for Maia to really finish the fight. You and me might love the idea of Maia/GSP. But Joe Public won't. Watching highlights of Maia have their backs for extended periods of time. 3 years ago Fitch/SHields wins would have held much more praise.
Agree. Hope it happens anyway, because Maia is not getting any younger. GSP is a strong dude, but Maia came down in weight for a reason. Now he can use his skill set while giving up the size disadvantage he had at 185.
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