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So I have these two friends, let's call one Al and the other Kevin, who used to be friends as well. Kevin is dating Al's best friend, however as a result of some events, Al decided he didn't like Kevin. However Al never told Kevin this, he just told his story of why he hates Kevin to everyone and trashed Kevin behind Kevin's back. This went on for a few months. Well, Kevin began cheating on Al's best friend, with a girl that Al absolutely hates. Long and the short is there was a giant blow up when Kevin finally dumped Al's friend. However Al has still never told Kevin he dislikes him, Kevin just assumes they aren't talking because of the break up. Kevin starts dating the girl he was cheating with(let's call her Meg) and life goes on. Well, a few months after the break up, Kevin moves out of the country for a job and it seems like everything is going to calm down. Kevin thinks he is maintaining a relationship with meg while he is out of the country however she's a total slut and is banging some other guy the entire time. Kevin find out and is really upset about it, but he gets through it and moves on. Well ten months later(now) Kevin comes home to visit. Al knows this and contacts meg, a person he hates and trashes all the time, and enlists her help. He puts on facebook that he is in a relationship with meg and begins to post all kinds of things about date nights and all kinds of what not, in hopes of getting a reaction from Kevin. I only know the relationship is fake because I flipped out and called Al and he told me, but hasn't told anyone else.

Now, they are both my friend, I'm not really sure how to react to this whole thing, obvious its a pretty shitty thing to do, but I really don't want to get involved in their drama, because there is always a lot around Al, however I'm staring to wonder if it's really a fake relationship or not or if he's really trying to **** with Kevin that badly. There haven't been any pics so I doubt it's real, but why go through all this just to get back at someone for what they did a year ago? And they didn't even do anything to you personally?

Thoughts? Also thank you if you actually read all that.

Edit: also in ths time between men cheating on Kevin and now, Kevin was told that Al actually didn't like him anymore.

Double edit: reading that back I'm embarrassed that I associate with these people.

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