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Originally Posted by Kimura
Wouldluv2getmyasspoundedinprison you make me sick. My uncle is a nice guy and I have plenty of friends, infact my friend and me are sitting her by the computer laughing at your comment saying "uncle is going to slap me" because I rarely see my uncle. Assumptions can really make someone an ass. I've seen what its done to you, you poor Mudvayne and trailer park trash.

Here are your assumptions:

"I believe he copied from sites such as fighter reviews" WRONG. I copied news and cards from sites that is it.

"He is a troll who likes to move other peoples threads to the next page he should be banned" WRONG. I like to contribute and post. You have a problem wouldluv2poundmenass?

"Your uncle is going to hit you" This made me laugh.

Go back to your trailer park and smoke some weed to make you type more stupid assumptions you cum sucking gigolo who lives in a trailer park. And what is Hobart brothers? Are they your pimp or something?
K your bout retarded. Hobart is where I work you idiot. It's a factory. I never said your uncle was gonna hit you I said you'd get a head shot from him but apparently you don't know what a head shot is cuz your 14 and you've never had one. It means YOUR GONNA GET A BLOW JOB FROM YOUR UNCLE BEFORE A GIRL YOU IGNORANT MOTHER ****ER! You're making assumptions by saying I live in a trailer park. We don't have trailor parks where I live. That's a little further south. You copy other people's opinions not fighter reviews. You say you like a fighter one minute and a couple days later you're dissing them because you saw a post that you liked so you change your opinion altogether to be more like the poster you saw. I think GSPFAN was one poster on this forum that you changed and copied your opinion from about Babalu fighting "cans like Mike Van Arsdale, Chael Sonnen, terrible as heck blah blah blah". And you sound like an idiot for bashing me for being a pothead. Do you know how many people smoke pot? Do you know how many people that don't smoke pot acknowledge the fact that pot is no different than alcohol? You're such a child you have a lot of growing up to do. It's pretty bad when doublelegtakedown is 13 and more mature than you. No offense doublelegtakedown you're a great poster and I woulda never guessed you were 13, just using you as an example.

And stop calling me a Mudvayne you dolt , that makes no sense. Mudvayne is a band so how am I a Mudvayne moron.

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