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Originally Posted by H33LHooK View Post
I'm good with whatever format.

However, with the following in mind:

I humbly put forward the idea that, if we go past this round (or even right now if you are both cool with it), then Liddel' can have the banner and credits, if I can have the lifetime membership.

Well I guess Killz has another solution but don't worry buddy even if I won I was planning on humbly proposing that I pass on the membership to you as it's no use to me. I think Killz mentioned in one of the earlier rounds that he could allow something like that. You've been a great poster for a while and pretty much deserve it already for making it this far even if I squeak out the win, which is no easy task anyway.

Originally Posted by Killz View Post
I'm all for finishing this GP in this round. THe forum GP has never EVER gotten this far before hahaha.

How about No retakes then. The winner is the person with the most correct calls. If you Draw, we got to a tie break, even if it is 2-2?

that sound good?

P.S - Send your picks and your Tie break answers to me via PM. Once I have them both I'll make them public.

Good luck fellas
That sounds good, it's been a long one and calling all 5 or even 4 is tough without them being obvious picks and both guys tying again.

Will PM you soon, thanks again!

Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
Good luck gaybos. Next season I reclaim my title!
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