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Another issue is rather than go for quality coaching they're aiming for entertainment value more so than any other seasons.

Brock, this season, Chuck vs Tito x 3, they gotta bring in real talent w/ a solid team.

Only watched the first episode. Ronda is a baby in the sport and should not have coaching duties yet. That's why a lot of times you see the best coaches are actually the ones with losing/mediocre records. They understand the hardships and can relate to the up and comers. More importantly they understand how to communicate on all levels. It's apparent Ronda has a difficult time articulating herself especially when she's emotionally charged. A true professional is composed at all times.

Too much beefing detracts from the underlining goal of creating new talent. It's good to have some, but from what I'm hearing it's a bit amateurish.

Koscheck tried to play games and got owned in every way possible; coaching, special guests, in the actual title fight. He's now completely irrelevant.

Tate on the other hand has this perma smirk. She got beat by Kat and is lucky to be in this position. Her team is mediocre at best.

I'd like to see Firaz back in the mix along with Danaher and lets get Ray Luongo in there. Fluke or not he trained two fighters who pulled two of the greatest upsets in this sports history.

In fact I would have liked to see Anderson w/ Team Blackhouse coach against Weidman.

Pettis w/ Team Roufus vs whoever would be a classic.

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