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Originally Posted by NoYards View Post
1 - Edmond/Hallman: If Tates team actually brought in Hallman to provoke Edmond into a fight and hav ehim kicked from the show, it would only be a good thing ... normally I would agree with anyone that called this a cheap and dirty trick, but when Rousey herself said she was going to be a bitch just to get Tate riled up and fight emotionally when they meet in Dec, then I don't see how she can complain when Tate pulls a similar tactic.

That said, both Tate and Rousey should lay off the stupidity. They are there for the fighters, to help them become better fighters .... this BS doesn't help that goal at all.

2 - Roxy may be a nice person, but man did she look terrible in that fight. My guess is that being a veteran in a division that is only starting to get recognized as legitimate is no advantage .... old training methods on a ad-hoc basis is not match for new training methods on a regular daily schedule (Jessica's stand up looked pretty good though.) ... but I guess that's the point of TUF, to take raw talent, give them a change to prove they can grow with the proper training.

BTW: the ref needs to get a new job judging dog shows, that fight was obviously over at least two or three times before he finally stopped it.

3 - The drama and crying: The 'drama' is show business, ideally they would cut it out and concentrate on doing the est job for the fighters, but as long as it's there, then I don't mind it ... gives me someone to 'hate on' (team Rousey) for when they finally step into the octagon.

The crying? no dig deal at all, women cry over emotional situations, hell so do I at times ... the way I see it, there was a discussion a while ago about the possibility of men and women fighting against one another. Most people declared that there were differences between men and women that would make that impossible forever. If these people believe there are differences between men and women, but don't recognize this as one of those differences, then they are just being hypocrites, or should just come out and admit that they don't respect women as fighters and will find every excuse to diminish they participation in MMA.

Absolutely agree. Her stand up (the kicks in particular) was terrible. I've seen people throw better kicks than she did in a beginners Muay Thai class.
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