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Originally Posted by CTFlyingKnee
You know what really grinds my gears?

Lets start with TUF fighters getting special treatment, especially from judges. Now, some say, never leave the fight up to the judges because of what can happen. I say, finish your opponents, prove you're worth a damn, this way there is no controversy. It all started way back when, the TUF finale of season 1. The war between Forrest and Bonnar was one for the ages, and one that SHOULD HAVE ended in the first round, by knockout obviously. Not discrediting these fighters, because they clearly have good chins, but in my opinion, and in the opinion of alot of guys I talk to, Bonnar won that fight. The reason Dana gave Bonnar the 6 figure contract was he too believed Bonnar won the fight, and knew Forrest would become more of a household name anyway. Same goes for the Ed Herman/Kendall Grove fight. Its no secret that Ed was the A-hole on the show, and Kendall had the fan support that whole fight (brownie points for the judges.) Yes Ed was caught in a sick submission that he probably should have tapped out to, but getting out of it, to me was more impressive than Kendall getting him into it. Exhibit 2.) And I will talk about this one until the day I die; Diego vs. Karo. Again, to me each fighter had his ups and downs in the fight, but again, neither fighter could finish. Granted Karo is not a TUF fighter, and is way above anyone who has ever come onto that show, neither fighter finished it. Once again, our friends the judges come in and throw out some rediculus scoring, 30-26? Yeah Ok....again playing favorites.........get new judges who know how to score a fight, the right way......moving on.

Stupid posts. Now, many of you will probably piss and moan at me for making this because you think its stupid, but this is the first in a string of them you will get from me, so just sit back, relax, enjoy, or hate, I want everyones opinion. Now, I'm no MMA Legend, or MMA Guru or anything of the sort, but I know a nonsense comment when I see one. When someone says (for arguments sake I'll use this one) that everyones favorite toolbox Danny Abbadi is the future of MMA, and makes a post dedicated to that, you're bound to get 99% negative responses. Clearly he is not the future of MMA, so why piss people off, or waste your own time making that assumption. If you are trying to be funny, or make fun of them, then that is ok in my book, but if you're serious you probably haven't ben watching MMA for that long, and have no common knowlege of the sport so I suggest reading up a bit. I also saw onetime someone make a completely fake website dedicated to a Brandon Vera interview where he pretty much went on a tirade aobut how he was better than everyone in the UFC and called out such names like Chuck, Tito, Randy people seroiusly have nothing better to do with their lives? Go read a book, ride a bike, play with a dog or something jesus h......moving on, last but not least.

Haters who hate on fighters for no reason. I will be the first to tell you, I hate certain fighters, but I have reasons. Koscheck because he's the LnP king, Sylvia because of his steroid use....and so on and so fourth. I just cant respect someone who hates a fighter for no apparent reason. Perfect example is Tito Ortiz, everyone hates him because he is cocky, arrogant and a trash talking bad boy...all pun intended....anyway, I dont see how you can hate him as a fighter, he is an amazing talent who does his job at the best of his ability to please us fans. If you knew him personally, and knew outside of the octagon he was an asshole, then yes hate him all you want, at least show SOME respect, hes one of the greatest of all time. Regardless of whether you hate him or love him, you will watch him everytime he steps into the octagon.

......and that is what grinds my gears

next chapter sometime next week
I concur
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