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Whatever doesn't mean positive or negative just neutral so going division by division

LW and HW = no whatever fighters

Michael Kuiper - I don't think this is a real person

Nick Catone -wasn't he in 98 degrees?

Fabricio Camoes - translation nice smelling canoe

Justin Salas - some people are Justin Credible, he's Justin facebook

Mitch Clarke - going through his resume the names read off a To Catch a Predator list

Michel Prazeres - YOUR NAME IS MICHAEL

Kazuki Tokudome - tok a dump in the ocatogan scatological joke #1

Yancy Medeiros - here are some fun facts about the Yancy Street Gang which I'm sure is his name sake

Yancy Street Gang Fun Fact #1:
Daniel Grimm Jr. - The older brother of Thing who was heavily involved with the Yancy Street Gang. Killed during a gang war between the Thompson Avenue Gang.

Yancy Street Gang Fun Fact #2:
The physical Yancy Street itself is obliterated during the Fear Itself storyline by Thing (in the form of Angir: Breaker of Souls).

Yancy Street Gang Fun Fact #3: Ben's history with the Gang is also examined in the book Up, Up And Oy Vey: How Jewish History, Culture and Values Shaped the Comic Book Superhero , written by Rabbi Simcha Weinstein.

Jesse Ronson
sounds like an 80's Tiger Beat coverboy

Felipe Arantes I don't give a felipe

Daniel Pineda
not a foreigner who knew

Maximo Blanco I'm running a Blanco on Max

Hacran Dias Hagan Das Hacran Dias Hagan Das Hacran Dias Hagan Das Hacran Dias Hagan Das Hacran Dias Hagan Das Hacran Dias Hagan Das

Mike Wilkinson Wilkinson's are like English version of Silva's only devoid of anything interesting about them

Lucas Martins attorney at law

Darren Uyenoyama Was Uyenoyama in that Michael Jackson Song, Paul Simon Song or Lionel Richie song?

Make the WW division great again
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