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Good-looking men active on the UFC Roster!

Hey guys! Forgive me if there is related thread available, but I was wondering what the other girls and non hetro guys think of these MMA fighters as far as looks, edge and sex appeal goes?

For me, the quisisential MMA guy with the best face features and body has to be GSP! He's stunning. Great muscular legs, broad shoulders and smouldering good looks. Yet he doesn't look too pretty, still masculine enough to make you feel safe in his arms

For looks alone he gets 10/10 in my book. Personality is 9/10.

I've always liked the rugged look of Ryan Bader. He's obviously got an amazing shape, but his looks are underrated as far as i'm concerned! Looks are 7/10. Because I don't know much about him and he doesn't have a boisterious personality, I can only give him 6/10 in the personality stakes!

Jon Jones is another cutie. He sometimes appears too skinny for me to really enjoy looking at his body, but when he looks bigger, he is rather striking. Plus he has a very sexy smile and nice eyes. He too gets 7/10 for looks but 5/10 as he can come across as a douchebag sometimes.

One of the less conventionally good-looking fighters that I like is also Anthony Pettis. My friends think he looks too cute and boyish to be a fighter, but there is definitely an edge to him. Like a guy who knows what he is doing behind the boyish charm.

What do you guys think!? x
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