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Originally Posted by ReptilianSlayer View Post
I wish this whole "fight for the troops" stuff would just end. This is nothing but pro-war propaganda which is resulting in thousands of innocent, decent people losing their lives. This may be a harsh truth, but it is a truth none the less, the masses of troops are just pawns being used by a small group of politicians and private bankers for foreign policy and mass profit. Ultimately, they go to foreign land and murder strangers. That's what war is, and that's what we're "supporting".

The two sides in every war are manipulated and played off against each other, whilst the bankers supporting BOTH sides of the war, sit, observe and rake in the cash. There is nothing to support. We should be supporting our troops by telling them to drop their weapons and return home to their families, this kind of propaganda makes me feel sick to my stomach.

As for the actual fight, I hope Kennedy loses, I've just never liked the guy.
Word. People always try to separate the "supporting the soldiers" from "supporting wars" but c'mon, if no one was cheering for them while they blew off heads and got their own blown off just on some fatcat's orders, maybe they'd actually re-evaluate their actions or more importantly fewer people would get suckered into it. I say this with the utmost empathy for the soldiers.

The very fact that most of society passively idolizes and hero worships them for fighting in wars, while ostensibly "being against war" is the reason we are party to these guys getting suckered into death, lifelong handicaps and depression.

One of my closest college friends had 3 back-to-back postings in Iraq. Nicest guy, but of course never questioned any of it because the whole country was cheering him on ... the stress of it turned him to depression, and his fiancee broke up with him and found someone else during the never-ending postings (all the while sending him "thanks for protecting us soldier" messages of course). Though to her credit she did stick by him through the first two postings. Most of his friends in his platoon blew up from IEDs in front of his eyes, and he has absolutely nothing to show for it but some strangers he shot dead and the fact that he isn't maimed. Certainly no WMDs or "Al Qaeda", and the country is in a worse shape now than when they went in. No better off financially or career wise either. Needless to say he took early retirement and is trying hard to get back into a civilian life and career but no luck so far.

But back on topic I guess, if you start a thread on this lemme know or link it here.

Good fight for Kennedy, challenging but he should take it. Unlike Machida who would have steamrolled him.
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