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Interestingly enough when it comes to brawls and street favors the mobile person. Big guys usually get rocked the hardest cuz they're easy targets. It's not a ring or Octagon. You got open space and plenty of objects at your disposal if it got there. But regardless of the objects the big guys ALWAYS swing first and miss then it's combo time.

I always find it interesting when MMA fighters get caught in brawls because you can see their technique pretty much go out the window...I mean it's definitely there...but they're not pacing themselves, going for a low kick, fighting for's just straight for the kill.

I think Pettis has major heart, but I would not have wanted to see this cuz I'm a fan of Wandy's too. Wandy has done this before so he's not doing this for show even though presently he knows it will help sell PPVs so I'm sure in his mind it's worth it for the PR.

Four vs one/two is brave, but futile UNLESS you can knock out one or two of the guys from the start.
- Huerta vs big dude = big dude getting KOed in a matter of seconds.
- Lee Murray vs Tito
- Falcao + his friend vs a group of guys. That was very sad, but an example of what can happen when even regular guys team up on two pro fighters.

I don't condone it at all, but I think it's definitely spark more interest for the impending showdown. I mean Wandy thrives in these conditions. He loves to hate his opponent so it brings that inner killer instinct within.

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