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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
The part that sucks is that his friend got the worst of it. Falcao kinda had it coming he got a bit too close to the girl and the tried to smack her or something (Hard to tell) but his friend was just there helping his friend it seemed. Also i noticed the guy with the red jacket that is kinda breaking it up apart in the store is the guy running around and hitting people with the 2x4 lol. Crazy shit. Glad i live in San Jose where that kind of shit is real rare. Hell i stopped hanging out with one of my friends who beat down a dude with a rock. Iv always had a disdain for people bringing weapons into fights.
Yah it looked like Falcao was out cold and his buddy was throwing it down holding his own. Damn was already like 5:1.

Guess it's Wandy being Wandy. Can't take the hood out of em. You know he's a nice guy though, but I guess he just can't stand shit talkers. Case proven Rampage x 2. Till this day that has to be one of the most decisive beatdowns. Getting knocked out with one shot is one thing, but taking 17 knees...then getting sprawled out on the ring side after more knees. Then it gets turned on him by Crocop, Rampage later on, then he gives it back to Cung Le followed by Stann. Vicious circle, but entertainment for us fans.

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