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Originally Posted by BrutalKO View Post
...Roy obviously looks like he's trimmed the waist and looks in much better shape. This fight has interesting written all over it. Daniel Cormier ragdolled 265lb Mir against the cage with ease. This fight could get nuts cause who wants to go to the ground? One of the best wrestlers against one of the best groundgame guys. I don't see Cormier daring to take Roy down cause he will get submitted. Roy won't even come close to taking Cormier down. It looks like it's gonna be stand up war and even though DC has decent striking, Roy's one punch bomb has amazing timing. If Roy lands that punch, I think DC is gonna get plowed. We've all seen it. Not only that, Roy's right hand bomb will come even faster now. I think this fight will be a serious grind to a decision....
I've always thought that Nelson is a bigger thread to Cormier than many think as Cormier isn't afraid to brawl and that one punch landing from Nelson is enough for mostly anybody.

Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
I've always wanted to try those weight vests. I figured I'd last about three minutes of intensive training.
But don't do that punching with weight vest too often. Your joints won't like it. My suggestion was only for feeling the power due to additional weight.

Who here has naturally good cardio. You get a big sob comment from me then, cuz my conditioning has always been like well...prolly better than Matt Serra's brother. Nothing is worse than that...lolz!
Cardio is something that you usually really can work on. I'm often surprised how pro fighters sometimes show very bad cardio. It's probably, because cardio training is what makes the least fun. Getting exhausted by the exercises is an ugly feeling without the reward of having at least punched someone in the face So often people go light on cardio training. So you either need good mental strength to push yourself, like El Bresko told, or you have to find some cardio training where you can't go light. I once trained in a gym which was on 5th floor and you just couldn't escape the intense cardio training, as it involved running the stairs. Everybody would see that you were going slow if you were the last to arrive. So people there usually had pretty good cardio.
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