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R1: Butcher comes out flicking a front kick, then follows with some fairly wild punches. Parlo stops him in his tracks with a stiff jab. Parlo uncorks a 3-punch combination that lands clean. Butcher shoots a double but Parlo scrambles back and away. More crisp punches from Parlo find Butcher's chin. Parlo stuffs another takedown. Butcher leans in with a left hook and eats a left hook counter from Parlo. Butcher shoots a double and gets it momentarily but Parlo is right back up.

Another double from Butcher, then he switches to a single but Parlo fends it all off with his back on the fence. Right low kick by the taller and longer Butcher. Parlo goes downstairs with a lunging left. Butcher responds with a right. Butcher unloads a charging flurry that backs Parlo up. Double jab from Parlo. Butcher stays busy with leg kicks and Parlo catches it and swings a big right. Parlo touches Butcher up with more left hooks. Butcher now falling to his back to close the exchanges in an attempt to work his guard, which can't look good to the judges. Butcher charges with punches and falls to his back again. Now Butcher wades forward with lefts and rights and lands a few before the bell. 10-9 Parlo.

R2: Parlo lands a left to the gut and then one upstairs. Butcher connects with a strong uppercut on the way in. Parlo steps in with a few big punches before dodging Butcher's predictable level change. Butcher telegraphs a takedown attempt that Parlo easily evades. Parlo answers two to Butcher's bumrush left hook. Butcher comes in hard again and Parlo drops him to a knee with an uppercut. Commentary team says it might've been a slip.

Overhand right lands from Parlo. Butcher collapses on his back now to the tune of scattered boos from the crowd.Parlo puts Butcher on his heels with punches and unfurls a head kick that Butcher barely blocks. Butcher's nose has been bleeding slightly but is now flowing freely. Parlo now starting to tee off on Butcher, easily anticipating his takedowns (as he falls on his back regularly in every exchange) and timing his counters brilliantly. Parlo drops Butcher with a 3-punch combo and nearly finishes at the bell. 10-8 Parlo.

R3: Parlo finds the mark early and Butcher falls on his back to the crowd's displeasure. Butcher dives on another double and pursues it furiously on his knees but Parlo isn't having it. Butcher, who looks exhausted, falls down immediately on the next two exchanges and the crowd is on him now. Sloppy double by Butcher isn't there. Parlo digs a hard left to Butcher's ribs. He falls down. The ref steps in and waves Butcher up, but he's right back down when Parlo comes at him, this time drawing a warning from the ref.

Nice front-leg side kick from Butcher, then a front kick. But he's back down. Basically folks, every time they engage, Parlo connects and Butcher falls down. 10-8 Parlo for a 30-25 on my card. Yes ... it was that one-sided.
Mikkel Parlo def. Jason Butcher via Unanimous Decision R3 5:00

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