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Im sick of fighters given performance enhancers and then blaming them if failing tests.
There are many aspects of this and all look bad

- Either testosterone deficiency is natural and common among athletes and normal population. In that case giving TRT is just a way to cheat aging. I think it is unfair. When you age so that you cannot compete on a high level anymore then retire

- If testosterone deficiency instead is rare then what is up with MMA? How come doussins of MMA fighters get deficiency ? Again, if it is due to overtraining during a long time and you cannot compete on a high level anymore retire. On the other hand deficiency could be the result of abusing drugs or illegal substances. In that case it is cheating and you should stop using drugs or retire.

- If someone is caught having very high levels of testosterone and blame that on TRT then it is cheating. Either that guy's body has gotten normal testosterone production back from training again and combined with TRT the levels get too high. It becomes an unfair advantage. This proofs he should never have gotten TRT in the first place.

Other reason could be over dosing TRT which of course is the same as roiding. That is cheating. Retire or choose between being an athlete or a drugger.
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