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Originally Posted by Hammerlock2.0 View Post
Maybe it was because of this article
Yeah that article might cause some debate alright.

Consider a situation where you could combine a variety of plants to form a supplement that would boost your testosterone. Say the Bindii plant for example which is now on the banned list. But 10 years ago it wasn't, and theres a few other plants like that. For me Randy going and doing that stuff to find a way to increase his performance levels naturally instead of jacking himself up on TRT is a big difference, to taking TRT. This was one of the reasons I believe he was ahead of his time in terms of training, fitness levels and so on. He was very notable for doing the green diet, which i do myself now and its increased my training levels massively.

Now though its different, things like tribulus are banned which is that bindii plant, so people cant do what he did anymore, and maybe the only option is TRT.
But I still dont like Randy getting lumped into that group when he went about things the right way!
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