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Originally Posted by Calminian View Post
I have no idea how much of that is true, and honestly who cares? But Wandi is a coward, and you know you can't call Chael that. You wish you could, but you can't.
Every word is true. Chael cheated and tested over 16:1 Testosterone-Epitestosterone ratio for the Anderson fight, average is 1:1 and even IF he already had TRT exemption which he didn't at the time, the max allowed is 4:1. This is record breaking steroid cheating, no one before or since in MMA has come close to these numbers.

He was convicted of real estate and loan fraud and his realtor license was revoked.

He mocked poor brazilian kids as "playing in the mud" while him and his buddies were enjoying videogames, called all brazilians a bunch of muggers etc.

Wanderlei personally he called washed up, a pile of shit and all his fights being rigged, in addition to telling Anderson he'd slap his wife on the ass, and calling the nogs stupid bumpkins basically etc.

How does it not matter? You think only Wanderlei calling out Chael or making a video about matters enough to make him a coward, but refuse to look at any of the provocations leading up to it? Talk about blind bias. I'll flip the coin and say it doesn't matter that Wand finally cracked, ANY of the things Chael did are far worse than Wand forcing a confrontation after all that provocation, considering that they're, you know, FIGHTERS. It's not like anything even happened.

As I said I don't condone or think it's the right thing, but many others would not have the restraint to put up with such nonsense for so long ... if Chael said what he says to people's faces, he would have been lying face down in a puddle in an alley long ago. Luckily he has the internet and TV to hide behind.

As for Wand being a coward, he has already confronted Chael multiple times alone, and Chael thanked him and saved himself. It's easy to talk big when the crowd cuts it off.
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