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Originally Posted by Steve-d
we could argue forever

your right, but only to a point, see shamrock had wasnted tito for so long, in fact he came back to UFC mainly for tito.

I think his "heart" and "pride" did not allow him to pull out of a fight he has wanted since Guy VS Tito.

Not to mention the fight speaks for itself, shamrock is a ground expert and purposly was avoiding working much from the ground, because he really couldnt.

Last thing i want to do is make excuses for ken but i beleive that is true, you want to hear "excuses"?

how bout gracie saying he trained to hard for matt and that he expected it to go the way it did, so basically he expected to loose and still fought anyway.
yea we could argue about this stuff forever, and we would never come to a good conclusion..but lets say ken was 100%, do u really think he woulda beat tito..i say it mighta been a lil closer but Tito has his number, and still think he woulda dominated him


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