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Originally Posted by H33LHooK View Post
I LOL'd; that's actually the pick I feel the least secure about.
Pierce has been nasty lately, but I (strangely for me) went with my gut on that one.

Goood luck, Lid'!

Edited to add: It'll probably be a draw.
Oh heck that is the exact one I was worried about too. I actually originally thought about Palhares too, just because he was such a prospect and brilliant sub guy originally whereas Pierce has just always been that ho-hum guy I could barely recall who loses split decisions to the top 5s and isn't exceptional at anything.

Been eating up videos of those guys the last few days and it was totally dicey because Pierce mostly wins by wrestling and it's way too risky wrestling Palhares. On the feet man who knows, Palhares has only been KOd by big hard hitting brutes and Pierce only has ok standup.

The clincher for me was Pierce's relative consistency compared to Palhares. That and the fact that Palhares just got busted for a positive test and was low on momentum .. IMO guys coming off busts tend to look like crap because they're either undergoing withdrawal or being much more careful with their cycles which reduces it's impact.

Don't let me down unmemorable guy, score some damn points and I promise I'll remember you forever ! Good luck to you to h33l, it's been a pleasure either way.
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