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Round 1 - Maldonado settles into the center. Beltran moving laterally. Punches traded early, but Beltran looks to be working to get inside. inside. He gets o the clinch, but he's warned for a few low blows. They restart in the center. Beltran now pressing forward. Maldonado takes a few punches and then circles off, where he looks to work the body. Beltran tries to secure his neck, but Maldonado pops free. Beltran stay in tight and tries again to get the neck. Typical slow start for Maldonado, but he's working in a few bodyshots. He circles off the cage, but Beltran reverses again. Maldonado wants room to box, but Beltran is grinding him against the fence. Beltran does pull free and score a few punches before Maldonado drops dwon while looking for a guillotine. He can't get it, but he gets back to the feet. Belatran hits him, and Maldonado asks for more. Round ends, and gives it to Beltran, 10-9.

Round 2 - Beltran moving side to side. Maldonado scores with a right hand. Beltran trying to push the action to the cage. Maldonado doing a little better job off not getting stationary against the fence. Beltran clinches, and Maldonado looks to work the body. Beltran drives the action to the fence. Maldonado swinging and backs him away. Maldonado then pulls an Anderson Silva and moves back to the fence. Beltran fine with that, and he continues to dirty box. Mouthpiece falls out, and it's Maldonado's. Quick timeout, and we start again. Maldonado scores with a few solid punches in the middle. He finally circles off the fence and looks to bang. Beltran might be slowing a but, as he can't muscle Maldonado to the fence anymore. Beltran tries to clinch, and Maldonado cracks the body again. Maldonado picking up steam in the final minute. Both fighters trade punches until the bell. Maldonado gets the better of it, and he takes it on the card, 10-9.

Round 3 - Maldonado starts a little quicker. He's in his groove. Beltran moving forward, but he's chasing Maldonado. He does land a right hand, but Maldonado asks for more. Beltran trying to get inside and into the clinch, but he's lost some power, and Maldonado defends easily against the fence. Crowd doesn't like Beltran's clinch work. He drops to a knee and wants to drag him down. Can't do it, and referee Maro Yamsaki calls for a restart. Jabs traded. Maldonado again calls for Beltran to punch him. Beltran does pop his head back with a right. Beltran gets inside again, and this time he's the one who catches a knee to the groin. Quick timeout. Both fighters bloodied form the punching exchanges. Beltran gets inside for a late takedown. Maldonado works immediately to his knees. Beltran tries to knee the body. Maldonado covers, and Beltran flurries. Maldonado gets to his feet, and Beltran continues to punch away. thinks the final flurry was enough for Beltran to take the third, 10-9, and that the fight 29-28. Result: Fabio Maldonado def. Joey Beltran via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

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