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you are all being harsh when i post theads i cant sit by the computer waiting for replys so i make a shotcut then when i have time i check out the reply i have its not a matter of not responding. i usually dont respond till i have read the replys sometimes its a few hours after i posted it sometimes if i am really busy i cant view the tread till the next day so i am doutfull that he jsut read what you put then didnt reply i meen don you do not acually sit in front of the screen and wait for replys do u i know you dont cos i have replyed to you before and not got an reply for ages so dont make it sound like you lot reply instantly peace out i got my first fight next week its not a mma fight i am workin my way there slowly its a tie boxing bout i then a few weeks after have a wrestin bout comin up the weels are now in motion ill be beatin an matt huges in no time lol
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