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"Musularity has everything to do with where your pressurepoints the more muscular and rippen you are the closer it is to the surface making people more susceptable to these attacks."

Not neccessarily true. Points are close (relatively) to the skin no matter what bodystyle you have. Some people are different and some people are more or less impervious to pressure point pain. This I've seen for myself firsthand.

"And what do you mean you cant use an effective pressure point attack. What about the filtrum thats a pressure point and if punched can knock an opponent out. Along the cheek bone there are 4 pressure points which when crossed or hooked and hit simutaneously will also knock your opponent out. The solar plexus also when hit can cause substansial damage winding a person. Also a nerve cluster on the inside of the leg when hit will floor your opponent. etc neet i go on, these are all points that are commonly hit and are all pressure points."

I never said there weren't pressure points on the body, just that they are hard to target while someone is trying to KO or submit you. All the points you mention are there but who can pinpoint them in the middle of octagon chaos. If it were that elemental you'd see a lot of people reeling from pressure point attacks.

Is there an mma fighter out there that has that ability? I have yet to see him. The most common pressure point I've seen used successfully and commonly is the nerve about halfway down your upper leg which is targeted by muay thay type kicks. When hit often (K-1) and right on target it can cause immobility that will result in the inability to kick with that leg or maintain a strong base.

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