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Originally Posted by Bknmax View Post
Something like this lol

It will always be a console in 20 years or 5 and there will always be competition.
Tablets can already play games that look like PS3 games.

In 4-5 years When gamers and developers see that tablets are stronger than the current gen consoles and are producing better graphics/expanding what you can do in games, both groups will start to abandon consoles and head to tablets/phones. MS/Sony/Nintendo isn't going to release a new console every 2-3 years to keep up, nobody is going to buy a new console every couple of years.

I mean it's already happening, most big developers are already producing games on tablets/phones of major franchises, just imagine what will happen when you can go buy a $299-399 tablet that outperforms every console on the market and has a larger user-base.

This is a tablet game, just imagine what tablet games will look like in 5 years, it'll blow the PS4 away, and the PS4 is designed to be a "10 year console" according to Sony.

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