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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
Can someone tell me why it's worth buying a new console that struggles to hit 1080P 60fps?

I'm not a graphics whore by any stretch of the imagination, but why the hell are they releasing new consoles if they can't even do what PCs have been doing for years and years?

For $500, I better be getting a machine that can bust out 1080p/60fps with a blink of an eye, otherwise why the hell would I not just upgrade a few parts of my PC and have a machine that not only looks better, but has a vastly superior amount of content to play.

I already have a gaming PC, I'm just saying... why exactly do we need new consoles again? It's certainly not for innovation, the games coming out for it are exactly the same stuff from the last 5 years, so what is the point exactly?

I love my Wii U because it brought Nintendo from SD to HD, very large improvement, but PS3 to PS4? Why exactly does this machine exist (that goes for the X1 too)?
With the XboxOne you can watch Live T.V and do voice commands.

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