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R1: They show respect for one another with a tentative start. Guerreiro's height/length advantage is noticeable to say the least. Pitbull initiates the clinch and Guerreiro is game and tries a hip throw from the over-under. Pitbull keeps his balance with good footwork and posture, then counters Guerreiro's next attempt with beautiful counter wrestling. Pitbull gets half guard and immediately pursues the kimura, then slides into mount as Guerreiro defends. Guerreiro explodes and bucks him off, admirably getting back to his feet right after being mounted.

They stay entangled on the fence until Guerreiro boldly rolls into a leg lock attempt. It's a ballsy move and a legitimate one, but Pitbull's technique and reactions are on point and he's back in half guard. Pitbull momentarily traps Guerreiro's arm from half guard and throws punches as Guerreiro slips it free. Guerreiro is feisty again and scrambles his way free shortly before the frame closes. 10-9 Pitbull.

R2: Guerreiro lands a charging right/left combo and transitions smoothly to a deep double leg, but Pitbull pivots on his underhook like a hinge to reverse position. They stalemate on the fence and the ref steps in. Guerreiro flips a switch and starts sizzling in one-twos and right crosses, the last of which snaps Pitbull's head back. Guerreiro follows with a quick-release high kick that Pitbull blocks, but the momentum shifts slightly toward the underdog.

Pitbull clinches up to stifle the blitz and they switch positions against the fence before another intervention. Guerreiro again plants his feet and uncorks a 1-2-3 and the "3" lands. Pitbull answers with a short right shovel punch and then stuns Guerreiro with another streaking right hand. That's Guerreiro's round for the striking comparison by a close margin. 10-9 Guerreiro.

R3: Guerreiro catches Pitbull off guard with another surprise double leg and silky transition, but Pitbull again whizzers to reverse the lankier Guerreiro. Pitbull gets half guard and maintains pressure with right hands. Pitbull brilliantly fires off short left knees to the ribs from half guard that land with a thud. Guerreiro slips loose after a scramble but ends up standing with Pitbll in the rear waist lock and banging knees to his hamstrings.

Guerreiro tries to spin out and Pitbull dumps him with a power double. Full guard for Guerreiro with great wrist control right hands from the bottom. Pitbull postures down with head and arm control and passes but Guerreiro creates space with his hips and gets back to his feet. Breaking the clinch, Guerreiro goes Hail Mary and empties the chamber with aggressive punches but Pitbull keeps his space until the horn. 10-9 Pitbull for a 29-28 by my tally.

Patricio "Pitbull" Freire defeats Fabricio Guerreiro by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

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