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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
Ran into an ex at the store today, took way too much pride in the fact that I'm doing way more and she's still in the exact same place in life. It was probably obvious when she asked me what I was doing now and I got to say I'm starting my own business and I did actually finish that masters you told me I was stupid for getting and oh yeah it helped a lot. Still working at banana republic? Yeah? Oh you're a shift manager now? That's so nice! Good for you.

Sorry that got out of hand quickly. I'm such a terrible person haha, but we broke up years ago, before I even moved to California. All that time and she's still doing the same thing.

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It had to be done.

About 10 years ago I worked in factory and the other day I bumped into one of the guys who used to work there (a real dickhead).

So he started bragging about how he was a line supervisor ect and he asked me if I was still on minimum wage. So I was like.....

Well, since I left the factory I worked for a bank in which I had several promotions, then I left the bank and got a computing degree. Working as a Web Developer now, nice money, nice company car got a nice house. But best of all its a 9-5 monday to friday.

So, how are those weekend night shifts working out for you, stuffing junk mail into envelopes

Yeah I could have just walked away, but I'd been waiting 10 years to put the bastard in his place!

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