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Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
Nice! That was the classic Mckenzie choke adopted by the LHW title holder against Machida.

Does he keep up the pace for all rounds. You can always tell in the amateur fights (not generalizing, but categorizing as in high school, collegiate, amateur, pro) that the combatants go at a much more frenzied pace. They try to finish as quickly as possible.

What's your training regimen for conditioning.

Cheers mate!
I think he's able to keep up that pace for all rounds yes. It's only 2 rounds of 3 minutes, so it's not that long.

The training regimen is about 4 MMA workouts per week. This is for about 3 months with building up in intensity.
1. MMA Sparring
2. Circuit Training (with training mask/O2 trainer)
3. MMA Sparring
4. Shark Training

The Shark Training is:
- 1 person is working on the focus mits.
- 1 person is holding the mits
- 1 person is allowed to try and land a takedown on the person who is working on the focus mits, this is for about 3 minutes.

After that, the person that was working on the focus mits, needs to do stand-up sparring + clinching (3 minutes) against the one that was allowed to shoot.

After that it's wrestling (3 minutes) against the person who was holding the focus mits.

All 3 guys do this 2x.

Originally Posted by Jesy Blue View Post
power guillotine for the win.. nice!
Yeah! Thanks!

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