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Another fun article. Some I wouldn't quite say are freak shows, others' definitely.

Tank vs David was a raw fight which I remember VERY VIVIDLY til this day. He bashed his head in so fast and gave him a seizure. Then Tank mocks him. I was like man...this is one bad mofo...with bad intentions. Vitor took care of em down the line.

One of the funniest was Genki vs Butterbean...haha! The way he slingshot himself against the ropes was classic!

- Mirko vs HMC
- Pretty much all the David vs Goliath matches in the UFC series. Goodridge with the crucix was nasty.
- Royce vs Kimo was borderline especially with the bit of theatrics. First time he was taken to the brink of exhaustion and couldn't continue.
- Sadly the no limbed fighter would be the epitome of this topic. I give em credit for fighting nonetheless to prove he can.
- Glad you got Tony and Couture in there.

Oh and who can forget Crocop vs Bob Teddy Bear Sap! The way he fell down in slow motion...

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