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Originally Posted by ReptilianSlayer View Post
Paul Daley acted in the heat of the moment after three rounds of lying underneath a trash talking blanket. This was the first and only incident we have seen Daley demonstrate unsportsmanlike conduct in MMA.

Palhares has shown his dirty and extremely dangerous antics time and time again in the past, with previous suspensions and even his own manager stating that he is also notorious for holding on for submissions too long and hurting partners in training.

I don't think after Daleys one off incident he can be compared to a man like Palhares - given his reputation. Not excusing Daley, what he did was wrong in the Koscheck fight, I just think it's unfair to label him as a scum bag piece of shit for a one off incident. I've done some incredibly stupid things myself in the heat of the moment with the reptilian brain in full over drive.
How many times exactly has man missed weight? I don't know if there was ever a fighter that has fought in the UFC at some point miss weight as many times as Daley. That's one of the most disrespectful things you can do in MMA. Your opponent put in the work to cut those final pounds and you step on the scale and spit in his face by not doing the same. Seriously I can't think of any fighter that has missed weight more the Paul Daley. Paul Daley has shown over and over again he doesn't respect the sport or it's athletes.
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