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Originally Posted by OU View Post
I didn't make anything up. I merely stated that IMO it's pretty obvious he was cheating even at the time it happened. Since then his shady actions have confirmed my thoughts that he is a POS that would cheat. You disagree, that's cool. The question was obviously there, I wasn't the first one to bring up the greasing allegations. Paul Harris apology doesn't mean anything since he can't prove it and has nothing to gain. So he gave the PC answer and moved on. All he could do.
But there was obviously enough there at the time for the question to be raised or we never would of heard anything about it.
It has to be illegal for it to be cheating, I honestly dont know if the NSAC has modified their criteria but at the time of that fight the rules covering "greasing" were very liberal. Maybe they have updated the rules? doubtful seeing as its legislation.

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