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Originally Posted by DonRifle View Post
Albeit an interesting way to look at it, I don't think it works in this case.

We are talking about mcdonalds vs jimmys burgers here. Manchester Utd vs Accrington Stanley. Accrington Stanley are getting big crowds to their fights because they have Fedaldo playing for them, banging in goals. They own Fedaldo's image rights too and are making money off his shirt sales and what not. Without him at a match, nobody gives a crap about them or any of the other matches they are playing.
Man Utd come in and say we want to buy Fedaldo, Accrington say, ok give us 20mil, 20% of shirt sales, 20% of a resale fee, then you can have him.
However in this situation Accrington Stanley wanted to merge businesses with the Man Utd. We are talking about a micky mouse company merging their product with the best company in the world at what it does. Accrington Stanley does not have that bargaining power to do that in any way shape or form (and in reality for an MMA promotion this would be a shambles trying to mix M1 organisation with an established UFC setup). Fedor is just an asset, and M1 simply over valued him as has since been proven I believe with his subsequent performances.
Its not the same. United play in Accrington all the time. They both feature in the same country. Accrington do not cover a massive region that United are desperate to get a foothold in.

Plus, Fedor is a partner in M1. This is well documented. Why on earth would Fedor willingly dump all the hard work hes put in with his company so he can feature on a few UFC cards, giving them all his regions and leaving him with essentially nothing once he retires. Its utter nonsense on Danas part. If anybody is acting crooked, its Dana.
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