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Originally Posted by DonRifle View Post
UFC were not desperate to get into Russia. What makes you think that? Why would they be? For what money? The masses in russia ain't got shit to spend on MMA.
Seriously dude, Dana White can be full of it I agree, but you are dealing with Russian mob here. And I am not talking about gangsters selling drugs, Im talking about the real Russian mob which is the businessmen and the guys sitting at the top of the tree. They dont do anything straight. All of these guys Putin and his mates, they were all the KGB guys in power before the curtain came down, and they were the guys who received the oil companies for $1 etc etc, and are now the powerful guys today. The system changed but the corruption and the people running things were exactly the same people. Its the same crooked backward nonsense there that there always was.

Two months ago I made an inquiry and If I want to ship any sort of agricultural product into Russia one of these guys needs a cut. The whole industry is run by russian mob. And from what I was told its the same shit for all types of business.
You walk into Moscow airport and in terminal F you have about 60 shops in total. I shit you not 55 of them are the exact same duty free store, selling the same product line. Owned by 1 guy, who has that all on lockdown. No competition, no fair trade, just typical russian style of business.

Depsite Dana's issues, I would easily give him the benefit of the doubt before those guys
I bet Prokhorov just follows what the Russian Mob says also, making Downtown Brooklyn such a horrible place.I met Vadim and Fedor and both are positive and great people to be around,while Dana on the other hand sounds like a moron every time i hear him speak

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