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Originally Posted by Trix View Post
Ben Askren has been the bellator champ for years. He's been fighting in the organization for even longer.

Hector Lombard can say the same.

Now, get this...

Ben Askren never faced decent competition until he fought Jay Hieron.

Hector Lombard never faced decent competition until he fought in the UFC.

That's because Bellator isn't in the business of building an organization with the best fighters and the best quality opponents.

Its in the business of feeding Askren, Lombard and most of their other champions cans. They feed prospects a series of mismatches to make them look more skillful and exciting than they actually are.

Then when their prospects like Askren face a decent level of competition in the form of Jay Hieron -- they get exposed. They never faced real competition in their careers and never competed at that level. They're completely unprepared for it.

It figures Sports Nerd and OU wouldn't get that.

You two aren't the brightest bulbs on the christmas tree.
Nuh uh, you're changing your argument there.

It's true that Askren and and Lombard have faced very little UFC caliber competition. But that's because most of the UFC caliber competition, especially at the higher weight classes, is in the UFC.

Your original statement, which isn't logically supported by this argument at all, was that Bellator was feeding these fighters "mismatches" and "cans" in order to build them up. if you want to support that statement rationally, you'll have to point to a fighter that was on the Bellator roster or available to them, and for some reason didn't make it to the tournament.
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