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Originally Posted by OU View Post
LOL please. I'm sorry you are stuck up Dana White's ass so far you think anyone without the magic 3 letters on the gloves are scrubs. But those of us that actually watch the sport of MMA(you probably refer to the sport as UFC) can see there are clearly world class fighters outside the UFC that are better then the majority of guys currently in the UFC. I'm sorry you can't grasp this concept. Half of the best smaller weight fighters(below LW) are not in the UFC.
But then again it's much easier to echo Dana White with "Just Bleed" written on your forehead.
1. If someone disagrees with you & cites valid reasons for it.
2. Stereotype them as being a "casual" mma fan?

If you're going to disagree, you might try responding to what I said, as opposed to fabricating a fairytale caricature that doesn't even exist.

Originally Posted by M.C View Post
You and Trix are both wrong. Hit is right, it's absolutely pathetic that some people around here seriously cannot get into a debate without throwing insults back at each other or insinuating that the other person isn't a "true MMA fan".

This kind of stuff is being put to a stop around here. Don't reply to someone if you can't be civil, that goes for both of you and everyone else.
If I were a mod, I would say: "let him say whatever he wants". I won't be offended or upset over anything he types on a message board.

If I did cross a line by saying he isn't the brightest lightbulb, I apologize for that. I'll avoid that type of thing in the future.

Originally Posted by Sports_Nerd View Post
Nuh uh, you're changing your argument there.

It's true that Askren and and Lombard have faced very little UFC caliber competition. But that's because most of the UFC caliber competition, especially at the higher weight classes, is in the UFC.

Your original statement, which isn't logically supported by this argument at all, was that Bellator was feeding these fighters "mismatches" and "cans" in order to build them up. if you want to support that statement rationally, you'll have to point to a fighter that was on the Bellator roster or available to them, and for some reason didn't make it to the tournament.

Would Bellator bring Jon Fitch to their organization to create a deeper welterweight division?

What about Yushin Okami or any of the UFC's recent firings?

Do they find the best fighters of each division and try to put on the best fights. Or, do they have a select few big names with a drastically lower level of competition to set them against?

I'll give you a hint. Cheick Kongo and Lavar Johnson are the only fighters they picked up. And they only did that because they lack heavyweights with notoriety.

For them its not about having stacked divisions. Its about targeting one or two big names for each division and then avoiding having them fight real competition.

Bellator doesn't have a stacked roster. They avoid bringing in big names who might upset their select few number of stars.

This is why their finish rates are so high, and the fights seem so "exciting". Its because there are a few fighters with skill and the rest are cans. The skillset disparity leads to people being blown out of the water 10 seconds into the first or second round on a regular basis.
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