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Originally Posted by Kimura
Yeah, I will let my uncle get a blow job yeah. I'm 6'3 you cum sucker if my uncle attempted to do that I would beat him in like I would do to you if I ever met you. I don't care if I'm immature all I know is I do good in school which won't make me end up like you working in a factory. doublelegtakedown used to be cool but you've started to convert everyone on this forum into hating me. Therefore its time for me to go. And I'm not in middle school you asskisser I'm in high school. Plus pot does destroy brain cells and messes you up, I don't want to become you working in a factory making only 20,000 a year. Goodbye, nice meeting you. I will return in June 2007, that is if you've decided to leave and commit suicide, I am sorry if I insulted you I'm forced to when you do it first.
ive noticed that a lot of kids that post here are from canada and im wondering if everyone in canada is a fuc.kin loser. i'm really at a loss for words with this ***....keeps comin back with new profiles and he's such a ****in *** ppl no its him right away, hel beback in a day cus hes a loser
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