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Originally Posted by Sports_Nerd View Post
Jon Fitch, yeah, he's a good fighter. remind me again how he became available to Bellator?

Oh yeah, because the UFC cut him. even though he was widely considered one of the top WWs in the world at the time. Guess they don't want the best fighters either.

Or maybe he carries a price tag that he just isn't worth, especially to an organization that would have to market a fight between him and Askren.

He was also cut pretty recently. Askren has had only one fight since. You're grasping at straws.

ETA: Yushin Okami is a better example. We'll see what happens with him. But the fact remaind that the UFC cut him for their own reasons. And Bellator might have similar reasons for not signing him. if you want to point to a difference between Bellator and the UFC, you'll have to do better than a fighter neither organization wants.
Fitch isn't the only one who was cut.

Bellator only makes fights they feel confident their champions will win. They avoid bringing in anyone they who might upset their hand picked prospects.

If the above were true, would it mean Bellator does things completely opposite of how the UFC does. They're more about mismatches and feeding than they are having as deep a weight class as possible.

You might also respond to bellators high finish rate.

Are an abnormal amount of finishes an indication of high skill, or fights that are mismatches?

Go here:

Look at bellators cards.

Then here:

Bellators finish rate, is much much higher.

Is it because Ben Askren is a better fighter than GSP.

Or is it because GSP and UFC fighters are competing against higher level competition who are more difficult to finish?


Sorry if I killed peoples "Bellator is better than UFC" fandom boners.

Yaall need Fedor.
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