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R1: They exchange heavy 3-punch combos and Grove gets the better of the closing left hook. Vedepo eats a knee but shoots a double leg anyway, and ends up fighting for it against the fence while Grove knifes down elbows to his upper back. Grove finally gathers himself and gets the Thai plum and Vedepo bails for the lanky knees start coming. Grove again pivots and lands a stiff counter left hook.

Grove clips Vedepo with a streaking right hand and he drops, but surprisingly explodes for a double leg and gets it as Grove is charging in. Grove cinches on strong wrist control and almost immediately snakes his leg over the shoulder for a tight triangle attempt, then transitions nicely into an armbar. Vedepo shows excellent resilience again and twists out as Grove goes belly down with the armbar, ending up in the mount. Vedepo explodes out again and Grove entangles him in another triangle. Vedepo breaks free again as the bell sounds. 10-8 Grove for dominant offense and a lack of anything effective from Vedepo.

R2: Vedepo again eats a few strikes during his entry but secures the double leg. This time he cradles Grove's head to prevent wrist control, fights his way out of a loose triangle attempt and takes Grove's back. Momentarily. Grove spins out and faces up on Vedepo with a straight right that stuns him, then pounces and ends up on top. Grove stands and patiently controls Vedepo's ankles and passes to full mount with a near mounted triangle.

Vedepo stays slippery and retains his guard, then tries to stand back up as Grove falls back with a Gable-grip guillotine. Vedepo continues his display of amazing defense and slips out. Grove creates space and boots Vedepo off him, then hits a switch on Vedepo's single-leg attempt and closes the frame throwing short elbows to the temple. 10-9 Grove.

R3: Grove throws a double jab and left hook, then sprawls on Vedepo's takedown attempt, then keeps his balance on Vedepo's follow-up high crotch attempt. Grove bombs a knee to the body and then catches Vedepo with a high kick on the break. They clinch up and Grove assaults him with more knees. Vedepo changes levels and gets the takedown, fighting off an armbar attempt from Grove, who escapes the chance for Vedepo to take back mount.

Now it's Grove attacking the waist; he dumps Vedepo with a double leg and throws punches from the top. Vedepo's heart is huge and he bucks Grove off and lands another takedown shortly after. Vedepo throws a few punches but loses his posture and gets caught in an armbar. Grove transitions to a triangle but doesn't have any more time. 10-9 Grove for a 30-26 overall.

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