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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
I think he was implying that Cain tends to attack on the ground which *usually* means there are more openings for an escape, as opposed to fighting a blanket.

However, in this context, I totally disagree. Cain is all about control. He never attacks unless his position is solid. Cain is one of the few guys who can mount a significant offence as well as blanket motherfukers.

Really, its testament to JDS abilities on the ground. Cain never managed to hold him down for too long. It was very impressive from Junior. Unfortunately for him, he couldn't stop being taken down over and over. If ever a fight deserved the "rinse & repeat" moniker, it was this fight.

Cain's style isn't really about holding his opponent down though, he will get to a dominant position and then strike, forcing his opponent to defend that, if the opponent wants to stand up, Cain doesn't do everything in his power to hold them there as he realises he can sap more energy by making them work to get up and then just slam them again.

If JDS has to get up from 10 completed TDs again then he's going to be tired no matter what. His arms will fill with lactic acid and he won't have the KO power that he needs to finish Cain.

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