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Originally Posted by sisdavid
Practice short punches on the inside. you could just shadow box, a lot on this no chuck ledel crap. Just pump your fists out there. If opponent starts getting the better of you just. go for the take down. This will probably make him put his hands up.

I can't agree with the 'just pump your fists out there' part. I say this for several reasons. One is that, a good striker will pick your apart for carelessly attacking. And, even worse, what if its a good striker with good takedown defense? ouch. Oh, and speaking of takedowns, a great time for THEM to do one is while you're throwing your arms around. they'll just drop levels and WHAM.

Though, I do agree with you about using striking as a lure to make him lift his hands... Its only the 'just pump your fists out there' part that I've got a problem with, as the phrasing insinuates very... imprecise punching.

But, going back to what this topic is about, is for what you should expect... This one almost goes without saying, but expect to get hit. In the face. Alot. Something that you can practice early on in striking, and if you do it comes in great handy later, is keeping your eyes open when you're getting punched in the face for as long as you can. That and, if its sparring, practice going right into counter attacks. If you can break out of the self-destructive habits (such as looking away from blows to the face or shelling up before its necessary), you'll save yourself ALOT of time.

My little schpiel aside, good luck!
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