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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
Gay son all the way, I mean the depressing thought about that would be knowing the difficulty and prejudice they will have to go through the daughter in porn basically means you F***ed up a a parent and that frankly your child is broken mentally emotionally and spiritually. What ever a daughter has to go through to get her interested in doing porn is likely much more trying that what the gay kid goes through.
A common misconception. There are many women in porn because they actually enjoy the work and had great upbringings. Porn is a work industry, not that different than any other. Many of them have perfectly happy, stable, mentally sound and enjoyable lives doing that type of work, and many have perfectly stable and happy relationships with their parents.

There are horror stories with porn and some women get into it for all the wrong reasons, but the question wasn't "your daughter doing porn because of an awful abusive childhood", it was just doing porn, of which many women do it because they want to and have perfectly happy/stable lives doing so.
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