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Future is GSP, dude is the youngest of the bunch with the most talent, one win over Hughes, and you will see GSP with that belt for a long time. I posted this in another thread but here's how I see the welterweight division in the year 2006/7

Hughes > Penn
GSP > Hughes
GSP > TUF4 Winner
GSP > Diego Sanchez
#1 Contender match, Karo > Koscheck
GSP > Karo

There you have it.

Also note Koscheck is a much better fighter then people give him credit for. I know Koscheck from his high school days in PA, my sister went to school with him. Dude learns things with a snap of a finger. Give him another year and he will be a top contender, I guarentee it. He's already one of the best wrestlers in the welterweight division, his submission skills are getting crazy good, and his striking isnt up to par as he'd like it but his fight with Diego then watch the fight against Goulet...MAD improvement.
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