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Originally Posted by AlphaDawg View Post
Thinking about buying a Wii U. Initially only wanted Wind Waker HD but that's not the case anymore. Wonderful 101 and Ultimate Monster Hunter look fantastic.

Gonna play the hell outta Dead or Alive 5 until I decide.
I have one, great console. The wonderful 101 is a great game and so is Monster Hunter Ultimate (I have probably 80 hours or so into it). Also don't underestimate Nintendoland that comes with the console. That game is freakin' awesome and I've put probably 50 hours into it at least from multiplayer with friends to just trying to beat my high scores solo. Also ZombiU was unfairly reviewed IMO, I think it's a good game. Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Bayonetta 2, Super Mario 3D world, Yoshi's Island etc are all coming out for it, so there's a lot to look forward to.

Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
Why the change of heart?

Games on the ps4 seem to be completely superior the only game that is Xbox exclusive that I have interst in is ryse.

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Well, to be quite honest right now there isn't a single PS4 game at launch that interests me, where as on Xbox One Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, Ryse (to a certain extent) and Crimson Dragon interest me quite a bit. The future games for the console at this point also interest me a bit more, with Titanfall/Quantum Break being my most wanted (announced) games behind FF15 coming out for next gen consoles.

As for the change of heart, it's about the games (above) and the tech. The new Kinect looks interesting and is far more advance than the one on the 360. Being able to control my whole entertainment system without the need of a remote or controller is good and seems to work really well. I think a lot of people make fun of it because it's not about games, but really the console has tons of games, so when you look at the Kinect 2.0/what it can do on its own it is quite impressive and should compliment/enhance the console in general (not particularly on games, but your media/Netflix/menu browsing/tv experience). I also like the controller better at least on paper/what I have seen (I like how the individual triggers rumble for example).

Just overall the console seems more interesting at this point with more features, and it has a stronger (in my opinion) launch lineup and future games at this point, and looking at it from an outside view, like if I had no knowledge of the DRM mistake that they fixed or look passed them and realize what the console is now after the changes, then the console is just a better buy right now from games to the features it offers (for me, opinions and all that).
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