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My new sessions

I've been redoing Muay Thai after initially focusing on Karate for a bit. I'm at a new camp.

Here is my routine every lesson:

light 10 min warm up followed by shadow boxing.

Focus mitts pads where we drill about 4/5 different combinations until swapping so the partner can do the same. In between combinations we are given advice about how to apply the punch/kick and angle our combinations.

Then we do a thing where we get on the heavy bag and punch as fast as we can almost like a sprint for 10-20 seconds..

It feels more cardio based than technique based, but maybe i'm learning good technique at the same time??? It feels more like a work out than me learning devasting's not an easy class (holding the pads can be killer!) but I do wish this guy would include some clinch work and more stuff.

Does my muay thai class sound mediocre? If so, should I just change camps ? Everyone is nice and it seems like a good place to train in general, I just don't like the idea of using stand up fighting as some sort of cardio fitness....

I guess I feel like I should know if i'm getting better by doing this routine. On paper it sounds rather tame, and..well, I guess i wanted to know how it looks to others on here, would be much appreciated x
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