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True dat with the Thai pads. U gotta angle it right with kicks and I don't even do it 100%, punches I'm's ingrained in my head the intermediary ones (basic combinations) at least. So you need to learn the numbers that's what you call out and ur training partner hits then usually finish with a kick. Those workouts alone gives you a sweat. Then you do major kick repetitions over and over.

The burn out reps toward the end is a standard. One of my all time workouts was exactly that for three sprints one minute long each, then another person came in and rotate. I've never been so winded in my life. Only three minutes, but you're going full speed landing any combos that come to mind.

Holding the pads for prolonged periods of time is no joke. It's quite the shoulder workout. I've always wondered how the pro trainers do it. They do it so effortless. Thrust the pads when your training partner is throwing a punch to give it that extra snap. It's the worst when they're just standing there or even moving what the hell.

My conclusion try out the advanced class and see for yourself. I did it and it was fun! BUT...I also can see where I was technique wise. Not great. El Bresko's form is authentic Muay Thai shiet. However when it came to sparring I always held my own, more instincts I guess just knowing how to move, block, parry, counter and stuff. You can not be afraid to get hit. I'm pretty offensive as I don't like to be on defense unless I'm trying to tire out my opponent. I feel alive when I'm in there though. It's intense. I can only imagine fighting inside the Octagon...I would surely blow my load in the first minute.

Keep it up!

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