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When you say focus mitts do you mean focus mitts?

Do you use thai pads? If not then I would ask your coach why you are not using thai pads.

I know you say you already know how to kick but if you come from a karate background then you don't know how to kick properly. Just ask for some 1on1 time with your coach and get him to teach you basics like your stance and proper punching and kicking technique. Once your coach is confident that your technique is okay then all you need is repetition. Once you're good at the basics you can learn the more difficult techniques.

Honestly though, it doesn't really sound like you're in a real muay thai gym so I think if my assumptions are correct then you will not become a good clinch fighter or learn to throw elbows effectively, simple things like the step through knee followed by an elbow are some of the most dangerous techniques when striking but are often overlooked by western kickboxing coaches.

You should take some photos of your gym and I will give my honest opinion of whether you should stay there in the long run or not. For now though, you're perfectly fine where you are.

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