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I had meant to say thai pads, El Bresko. Sorry, not focus mitts. Sorry for the confusing.

If by a 'real muay thai gym' you mean a gym specifically geared towards muay thai then no, I am not in a muay thai gym, i'm in a MMA gym with a emphasis on BJJ. It's 60% BJJ and the rest striking arts. The muay thai instructor has had extensive experience in muay thai having trained and competed in thailand, so it's not like he is a poser or something. This is a REAL camp, not some boxercise class.

By devasting technique Life B I guess I mean I want to learn more about clinch fighting, but a teammate told me that I would have to go to the 'intermediate or advanced' classes for that. I don't seen why a beginner can't be taught the clinch??

That said, I think you guys are right. I think the point in muay thai/boxing is to drill drill so everything becomes natural and second nature and I will stick witht that for the time being.
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