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Originally Posted by OU View Post
People are seriously underestimating Hendricks chances here. Similar to how they dismissed Weidman, who I knew was a nightmare matchup for Spider. Hendricks is a bad matchup for GSP. He hits harder than anyone GSP has faced in the UFC including Serra. The knockout can come at anytime. Also Hendricks is the most accomplished wrestler on paper GSP has ever fought. I think this fight ends early when Hendricks has all his power.
I don't think it's comparable. There were quite some people who thought Weidman had a decent chance with his well roundedness. I, (even still) considering Silva to be the GOAT, thinking Silva would win thought Weidman could cause some reasonable problems for Silva. Weidman was considered having the tools to exploit Silva's weakness (wrestling) and having the grappling skill to not get submitted like Sonnen. St. Pierre on the other hand hasn't really shown any weakness to exploit since the Serra fight.

Hendricks barely got passed Condit. Weren't it for the massive favorism of take downs in the judges scoring he probably would have lost. He certainly would have lost in a 5 rounder.

Originally Posted by OU View Post
[...]GSP relies very heavy on take downs to win fights, he will be ready himself.
No, he doesn't. He very heavily relies on exploiting his opponent's weakness. He doesn't try to wrestle them if that's there strongest asset.

Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
... excuses nicely lined up.
I'd recommend him a good steroid balm the help him recover faster from the burns...
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