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Originally Posted by Bonnar426 View Post
Johny Hendricks could barely handle Carlos Condit and GSP schooled him for 25 minutes. I think its safe to say Hendricks has never fought anyone like GSP before.
Condit did not get schooled for 25 minutes. He lost the fight, but I am sure GSP doesn't want to face him again as he was getting lit up on the feet.

Originally Posted by Stun Gun View Post
If Matt Serra caught GSP then Hendricks can, but I think its about 60/40 in favor of GSP
You didnt just use Matt Serra as an example of how to beat GSP did you?
Jack Slack actually wrote in his Killing the King of GSP:

The availability of the right hook to the body is not simply an observation but has worked against him in the past. So many want to write off Matt Serra’s knockout of St. Pierre as a lucky punch that they often overlook the numerous right hooks to the body which Serra threw before throwing his right to the head and catching St. Pierre with his hands down. St. Pierre’s hands were down because of the over-reaction to body shots which is common among MMA fighters as they are not used to dealing with them. It is tough to stay disciplined when getting hit in the torso, something which UFC heavyweight champion, Junior dos Santos has demonstrated on numerous occasions.

Matt Serra went to the right hook to the rib cage time and time again throughout his one round meeting against Georges St. Pierre.

Here is the shot which toppled the welterweight king for the first time. Notice that St. Pierre's hands are far out of position either to defend body shots or to try to catch Serra's head as Serra changed levels for a body shot. (Gif) This right hook to the body and right hook to the head strategy has carried Sergei Kharitanov's entire career.
It was this fight that changed GSP. I am not saying Serra is a better fighter than GSP, we all know that isn't true. I am saying Serra exploited a weakness of GSP so badly he changed his entire fighting style.
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